Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Squier Sham Kamikaze Stratocaster Sunburst

Signature guitar of Sham Kamikaze, Malaysian Guitarist. Maple fretboard with Big Reversed Headstock, fall under the Classic Vibe series

Squier Sham Kamikaze Strat Sunburst
Retail Price: RM1750 (Before Discount)

Construction: 25.5" Bolt-on
Body: Alder
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Maple
Frets: 21 Medium Jumbo
Inlays: Black Dot
Bridge Pickup: Custom Vintage Style Single-Coil
Middle Pickup: Custom Vintage Style Single-Coil
Neck Pickup: Custom Vintage Style Single-Coil
Bridge: 6 Saddle Vintage Style
Finishing: Sunburst

Aged plastic hardware, Custom Vintage style single-coil pickups

Comes equipped with the Custom Vintage pickups, to produce the clear bright tones of classic Fender strat!

Maple fretboard for the bright tones

Big Reversed headstock, a different to any Squier series

Sham Kamikaze signature at the back of the headstock

Bolt-on construction with metal plate


  1. Dear admin,

    I have one in vintage white color, and might i say i recommend this guitar to those who wants a fender (specifically the fender voodoo - very identical, the only difference is that this is under squier's badge) but cant afford to break the bank.
    some say that this guitar is even better than those MIM and MIJ's fender :)

    But i have one question though. I read that this guitar was released in two batch. First 200 and then the next 200.

    Mine have that sham kamikaze's signature at the front of the headstock, and the sigma logo behind the headstock.

    Which version came out first anyway?
    Are there any other differences besides that?

  2. Hi Hafeez,

    thanks for the kind feedbacks :D

    regarding your question, the one you have is the first batch, whereas the one i showed is the second batch. first batch only have releases in White and Black, while the Sunburst is the latest addition :D


  3. Thank you admin for the reply. Hopefully the only addition they made was having a third color which is the sunburst, and nothing on the hardware side - the pickups, the bridge, the tuners, etc :)

    I strongly recommend this guitar especially for hendrix and sham kamikaze's fan :)

    btw, here's an article worth sharing:

  4. Everything is still the same, only the additional finishing for more variety :D

    the reverse headstock is what made this guitar STAND OUT among others :D

  5. is this guitar still available?i know that this post was made a long time ago, but i still want to try my luck